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Super Slugger icon Super Slugger
Download SWF
Choose one of the players who'll be the Hammer or the Beast and go to the field, if you hitting the birds will get extra points!
Home Run Hitter icon Home Run Hitter
Download SWF
Can you hit all the home run?
Baseball Jam icon Baseball Jam
Download SWF
The objective of this sports game is to move the player along the field, watch the ball flying and bat the ball when it is in the hit range.
Sidering Knockout icon Sidering Knockout
Download SWF
Win all the boxer and win championship belts. Prove who is the best boxer.
Football Rush icon Football Rush
Download SWF
You've second on the clock to get the punt back and score the winning touchdown. Good luck!
Golf Master 3D icon Golf Master 3D
Download SWF
You can enjoy a true 3D golf game. Select the required golf club, and good luck!
SuExSncc icon SuExSncc
Download SWF
Take a variety of tricks with his board, and down the hill judges will give you a rating.
Ultimate Football icon Ultimate Football
Download SWF
You are the Quarterback, throw a pass to your teammate.
Ultimate Baseball icon Ultimate Baseball
Download SWF
Try to hit as many home runs as you can before time runs out
Horse Jumping 4 icon Horse Jumping 4
Download SWF
You can choose one from the six horses, and take part in 12 races.
Long Ball icon Long Ball
Download SWF
Hit all 10 swings to home run. Use a smooth fling to get your power to 100%.
BasketBalls icon BasketBalls
Download SWF
Throw ball in the basket, pass the ball to another player, do the different tasks to complete the level.
Lake Fishing: Jungle day icon Lake Fishing: Jungle day
Download SWF
You are in a jungle and you can catch a variety of fish such as Arapaima, Snakeheads, Tiger catfich and more.
Kickflip icon Kickflip
Download SWF
Make a tricks on a skateboard and collect points to reach next level.
Candystand Baseball icon Candystand Baseball
Download SWF
You can play on both sides of the field, hitting and pitching.
Tennis champions icon Tennis champions
Download SWF
Get a win in men's tennis championship at Wimbledon.
Turbo Golf icon Turbo Golf
Download SWF
Play a round of golf with his three friends.
Basketball Challenge icon Basketball Challenge
Download SWF
To shoot, click and hold, then release left mouse button at the top of your players jump shot.
Snowboard King icon Snowboard King
Download SWF
Take to the snow on your snowboard and go o o o.

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